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What Is a Ridge Vent on a Roof? A Guide for Franklin, TN, Residents

Many Franklin residents ask their local roofing professionals, "What is a ridge vent on a roof, and why might I need one?" Learn everything you need to know about ridge vents, then contact Jackson Brother’s Roofing and Construction for roof repair in Franklin, TN, and the surrounding areas. 

What Do Ridge Vents Do for Roofing Systems?

Ridge vents are a type of roofing vent that runs along a roof's entire ridge and helps to promote good airflow in an attic. Many homeowners like that they are discrete and aren't an eyesore, unlike other ventilation options. At a roof's highest point, these vents sit on top of air slots, sending fresh air into attic space and removing warmth and moisture that can lead to interior issues and water damage.

Types of Ridge Vents To Consider for Your Franklin, TN, Roof

You can choose from active or passive ventilation for your ridge vents:

  • Active roofing vents: Ridge vents with a baffle (chutes to increase the air exchange process between your attic and the outdoors) can prevent weather, pests, and debris from causing problems within the vent and attic. These are just one type of active vent as they rely on exhaust and intake vents to continuously participate in the entry and exit of air. Active ridge vents are very popular.
  • Passive roofing vents: Ridge vents that don't contain a baffle (passive ventilation) require minimal maintenance, are quiet, and allow the wind to naturally send air into your attic. Their straightforward process and qualities appeal to Franklin property owners.

Deciding which option is best for your needs may depend on your roofing type, condition, price range, and concerns about noise. A roofing professional in Franklin, TN, will help you compare your options after assessing your roofing system and current ventilation. They will go into detail about the key differences between each of the choices and offer their expertise and personalized advice.

Besides ridge vents, you'll find several other types of roof vents that might prove better for your roofing needs. Some of these include box vents (other names are turtle or static vents), turbine vents, power vents, static vents, and soffit vents. 

What Are the Benefits of Adding Ridge Vents to Your Franklin Home?

You may ask why installing a ridge vent can help your property in Franklin, TN. Homes that struggle with ventilation in their attic can experience serious problems down the line and require repairs. Furthermore, your roofing system itself needs to have some ventilation to allow air to escape and prevent excess moisture and heat from doing damage to its stability, appearance, and protective qualities.

What is a ridge vent on a roof? Ridge vents not only improve the ventilation of your attic, but they also look more aesthetically appealing than other types of vents and can significantly improve the airflow of your roof and attic. You can worry less about the growth of mold and mildew, foul odors, and stifling heat in your attic by investing in ridge vents. 

Another excellent perk of ridge vents is the ability to extend your roofing system's lifespan. Having a longer-lasting roof can help you save money in the long run and protect your investment. Finally, ridge vents help keep small pests and insects out of your attic and home. 

Potential Downsides To Roof Ridge Vents in Franklin

Ridge vents can prove especially helpful for property owners who need better ventilation for their attic or roof. However, before taking the leap and purchasing these for your roof replacement project, it's essential to consider the potential cons, such as:

  • High Price: Some consider installation prices costly, but their payoff can prove worthwhile. Take the time to consider your budget and make a decision accordingly.
  • Not Compatible With All Roofs: Some roofs have too little or too many ridges. In cases like these, you may need to find another solution to attic ventilation concerns. Speak with a professional to learn more.
  • May Experience Leaks: Ridge vents can leak with the rain. If you install ridge vents, keep an eye on your attic. Watch for water damage and take precautions accordingly.

The best way to know if ridge vents are right for your home or business is to have a reliable roofing contractor team on your side. First, scheduling a roof inspection will highlight any major problems or concerns. Next, roofing professionals will determine a plan of action to address these concerns, with improving airflow and ventilation perhaps being a top priority. 

You could find the price worthwhile for the benefits ridge vents award, but you may also find that turbine, box, or power vents work better for your needs. Either way, consulting a roofing expert is essential to make the best decision and to save time and money. Residents of Franklin, TN, often turn to Jackson Brother’s Roofing and Construction for their roofing needs and professional advice and services. 

Signs You Should Consider Installing a Roof Ridge Vent

A roofing contractor might recommend ridge vents if you're noticing frequent moisture, high humidity, ice, and frost in your attic space. Cracks, damage, and other issues with your shingles also warrant the potential need for better airflow and a properly ventilated attic. Finally, mold and mildew, along with higher-than-normal cooling and heating bills, are signs that you should schedule a consultation for a roof ridge vent. 

Schedule Reliable Roof Replacement Services With Jackson Brother's Roofing and Construction in Franklin, Tennessee

What is a ridge vent on a roof? Now that the top roofing team in Franklin, TN, has covered what you should know about ridge vents, discover the most common problems with roofing shingles to stay informed. Jackson Brother's Roofing and Construction offers trusted roofing replacement and repair services for residential and commercial property owners, so contact them today for more information.

Contact the team at Jackson Brothers's Roofing and Construction for roofing services or a free roofing inspection in Franklin, TN.

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