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6 Common Problems With Roof Shingles: A Guide for Hattiesburg Residents

Your roof provides essential protection for your home. However, many things can lead to damage, from storms to falling debris. Understanding common problems with roof shingles can help you detect issues early and avoid costly repairs. From aesthetic to structural concerns, these six problems should prompt you to call Hattiesburg roofing professionals.

When your Hattiesburg home’s roofing needs repairs, call trusted roofers in Hattiesburg from Jackson Brothers Roofing. As the top-rated experts in the area, professionals from Jackson Brothers Roofing can address both complex and common roofing problems. Call today to request an estimate or service consultation.

#1: Missing or Broken Shingles

Missing or broken shingles are easy to identify. If your roof endures a damaging event, you'll be able to see the effects immediately. Some common reasons for broken or missing shingles include:

  • Extreme weather
  • Seasonal temperature extremes
  • Issues with the shingle sealing
  • Installation problems
  • Fallen objects impacting your roof

#2: Mold, Mildew, and Algae Growth

Mold, mildew, and algae growth degrade your roof’s aesthetic and structural integrity. Mold thrives in hot, humid climates, making it a particularly major issue for Hattiesburg homeowners. Call professionals to replace your shingles and protect against mold invading your home.

#3: Curling

Curling occurs when the edges of your shingles rise. Not only does this degrade your roof’s look, but it can expose your flashing and roof structure to water damage and mold growth. Curling usually indicates that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and that you’ll need a replacement soon.

#4: Blistering

Blistering is a common problem with roof shingles that occurs most frequently in hot, humid climates like Hattiesburg, MS. When moisture trapped in your shingles heats up, it pops. This blistering leaves behind damage and exposes the roof structure.

#5: Granule Loss

Granule loss occurs when the top layer of your shingles wears down. While some granule loss over time is normal, excessive granule loss could indicate structural problems or installation missteps. Professionals can inspect your roof and identify the issue.

#6: Cracking

Cracking is a superficial shingle issue common in older roofs. However, if your new roof experiences significant cracking, you could have bigger problems on your hands. Resolving cracking is crucial, as it can easily lead to mold growth and leaks.

Enlist High-Quality Roof Repairs From Jackson Brothers Roofing

Whether you’re dealing with a major problem like roof sag or need minor repairs, call professionals from Jackson Brothers Roofing. As the top-rated roofing technicians in the area, Jackson Brothers Roofing technicians can resolve both aesthetic and structural damages to your roof.

For more information about common problems with roof shingles in Hattiesburg, call Jackson Brothers and request a roof repair estimate.

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