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    Roof Repair Specialists in Franklin, TN

    Is your roof leaking? Call Jackson Brothers Construction & Roofing in Franklin, TN, for fast, reliable repairs that keep damage from worsening. 

    Roof Repair Franklin TN

    A well-constructed and maintained roof can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but wild southern weather patterns can damage even the most durable materials. When this happens, you need help from the most respected team for roof repair in Franklin, TN: Jackson Brothers Construction & Roofing. Our talented construction professionals will uncover roof damage and make expert repairs that eliminate all signs there was ever a problem.

    When it’s time to repair or replace the roof on your business, talk to us about commercial roofing services.  

    Leave Roof Repairs to the Professionals 

    Roof damage isn’t always immediately apparent, and it can take weeks or months for signs of trouble (like water spots on the ceiling) to appear. While you might be able to spot some problems after a storm passes, it’s more likely that you won’t see the damage from the ground. You need a roof inspection from a knowledgeable professional to locate even the most seemingly insignificant damage and recommend the best ways to address it. 

    You should avoid climbing up on your roof to look for damage. Not only is it dangerous without the proper safety equipment, but without training and experience, it’s easy to overlook trouble spots or improper installation that will eventually cause more significant water damage, structural instability, wildlife infestations, and more. Working with a roofing contractor ensures an accurate assessment and prompt repairs that can delay a roof replacement and make filing a homeowner’s insurance claim easier.

    Signs You Need Roof Repair 

    If a rainstorm requires placing buckets around the house to catch water dripping from the ceiling, it’s time to call Jackson Brothers Construction & Roofing for roof repair in Franklin, TN. Other signs the roof needs attention include missing shingles, roofing materials in the yard, visible debris (like tree branches), shingle damage, and an accumulation of shingle granules in the gutters or on the ground. 

    When you trust our crew to fix the roof, you can rest easy knowing that we treat every project like it’s the most important one, using the highest-grade materials and advanced techniques to make flawless repairs. You won’t even be able to distinguish the repaired part of the roof from the rest.

    Planning a building or remodeling project? Ask us about our full range of home improvement services. 

    Rely on the Best Choice for Roof Repair in Franklin, TN

    The sooner you call a professional for roof repair in Franklin, TN, the more likely you can solve the problem without unnecessary hassle or expense. Our licensed and insured contractors are experts in finding and repairing even the most elusive damage and won’t rest until the roof is in like-new condition. Thanks to our honest, straightforward pricing and flawless craftsmanship, your home is in good hands when you choose the most respected roofing contractors in central Tennessee. 

    Call  (855) 520-2010 for help from Jackson Brothers Construction & Roofing in Franklin, TN.

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    Tony Hession with Jackson Brothers Roofing & Construction was Awesome at his communication and promptness with the quote and installation of the entire "NEW ROOF" process for my multifamily property in Hattiesburg on Weathersby Road! The CREW men were so quick and very detailed with pictures through the process which only took 2 days total! Thanks so much you guys and I definatly will be back if I ever need another Roof Serviced on.
    Chrystal Dumas
    5 Stars
    Brandon gave me an estimate on my roof replacement that was very reasonable compared to others in the area. I gave him the job and my roof was complete in less than a week. I highly recommend Jackson Brothers Roofing & Construction as a very responsive and competent contractor service.
    Neal Bullard
    5 Stars
    I was so stressed out because I’m a single woman who was to deal with home repairs. Other contractors tried to price gouge me, knowing that I knew very little about repairs…but then I met Drew with JB Construction. He took the time to explain things to me and helped to ease my frustration with insurance company. I recommend JB Construction without reservation and I will always call him first when I have home repair needs.
    Gay Polk-Payton
    5 Stars