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What Color Roof Lasts the Longest in Franklin, TN?

One of the most important factors to consider when replacing a roof is its color. Roof color can enhance your property's curb appeal, impact the building's energy efficiency, and possibly influence the longevity of the new roofing materials. So what color roof lasts the longest?

Many people turn to Jackson Brothers Construction & Roofing for quality roof repair in Franklin, TN. Here, the team shares details about the ideal roof colors according to their longevity. 

Which Roofing Material Colors Are Long-Lasting for Franklin Properties?

Before answering "What color roof lasts the longest for Franklin properties?" it's necessary to understand how color influences roof performance. Franklin is a sunny city with an annual average of 211 sunny days. In the summer months, temperatures can easily reach 88 degrees or higher. 

Excessive sunlight means your roof is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The purpose of roofing systems is to protect buildings' interiors from the elements, including exposure to UV rays. However, premature deterioration of roof shingles and other materials is typical in cities with abundant sunshine, especially if the roof has a specific type of color. 

Light-colored roofs in whites, beiges, and light grays reflect more sunlight and UV rays than darker colors. The darker your roof, the more light and heat the structure will absorb. The extra light absorption causes can cause roofing materials to get hot, expand, and shrink constantly. 

Light-colored roofing may make your roof last longer since it reflects more sunlight than it absorbs. This benefit can also make your home more comfortable; heat from the roof can transfer into your home's interior. You can spend less on air conditioning expenses during the summer months without sacrificing your comfort with a light-colored roof.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance for Roofs of All Colors

Color isn't the only thing determining a roofing system's durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. Regular maintenance is one of the best things you can do to preserve the integrity of your roof and extend its lifespan. 

When you routinely inspect and evaluate your roofing system's performance, you're taking a proactive approach to handling potential problems. It's easier to remedy issues while they're small than it is to wait until they become major complications. 

Scheduling professional roof maintenance twice yearly is ideal. A roofing contractor can inspect the system from top to bottom to ensure everything is fully functional. Some of the tasks they complete during maintenance appointments are:

  • Check the Roof's Overall Condition: The roofer will inspect the roof for leaks, broken shingles, rusted flashing, and other potential problems. 
  • Clean the Roof: Letting leaves, twigs, and other debris collect on your roof will reduce its visual appeal and prevent trapped water from evaporating. The extra moisture could cause a leak or deteriorate part of the roof.
  • Clear the Gutters and Downspouts: Your roofing system relies on gutters to transport water from the roof. Roofing companies clean gutters as part of their maintenance duties because gutter clogs can cause puddling around the roof's edge. The puddling could cause severe water damage.

Choosing a Long-Lasting Roofing Material

Not all roofing materials have identical properties, regardless of their color. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular residential roofing materials for Franklin residences. You can install high-quality shingles that reflect UV rays and sunlight, yet they're not the most durable roofing material.

The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 15 to 20 years. However, tile and slate roofs typically last for more than 50 years. Woodshake roofs can hold up well for up to 30 years.

How Does Ventilation Impact Roof Lifespan?

Roof ventilation can impact the system's longevity and energy efficiency. If your Franklin home lacks vents and attic soffits or has them in the wrong locations, your roof won't get sufficient airflow.

Without enough airflow, condensation could build under the decking that supports your roofing material. The extra moisture could rot the decking and degrade your roof's shingles. 

Since ventilation is essential for air circulation inside your home, dirty, clogged, or missing vents will put a strain on your HVAC system. Your furnace and air conditioner will end up overworking themselves to compensate for the lack of airflow. This overcompensation will impact your indoor temperatures, your comfort, and the lifespan of your heating and cooling unit, as well as your roof.  

Insulation Is Important For Your Roof

It doesn't matter what color roof your home has if the property lacks insulation. Insulation is a barrier that shields your home's interior from air seepage and heat transfer from outside air. 

Proper attic insulation can prevent frigid outside air from penetrating your residence through the roof. With the right amount, type, and application of attic insulation, your home can stay warmer during the winter without constantly running your furnace. 

People often assume that attic insulation is only beneficial for the winter months. However, that's inaccurate. Insulation also helps your roof perform well in the summer. 

When your home doesn't have enough attic insulation, your roof will have difficulty regulating its temperatures. Roof contraction and shrinking due to exposure to sun and UV rays will be more prevalent, especially if you have a dark-colored roof. As a result, your roofing materials could degrade more quickly. 

With regards to insulation, having a roof with a light color can minimize heat absorption. Insulation is merely an additional layer of protection. 

Get a Durable Roof From Franklin's Top Roofing Contractor

Selecting the right roofing materials is important for a roof replacement or installation. Installing durable, energy-efficient materials that boost your home's curb appeal is best. As such, light-colored roofs are the best answer to the question, "What color roof lasts the longest?"

If you're looking for a qualified roofing contractor to install lighter-colored shingles in Franklin, Tennessee, count on Jackson Brothers Construction & Roofing to do the job right. As a licensed and insured roofing company with an A+ rating, this experienced crew can install or replace roofs using durable, top-tier materials in your choice of color.

Contact Jackson Brothers Construction & Roofing today and request your free estimate.

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