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How to Design Your Dream Home in Hattiesburg: 3 Considerations

If you spend hours scouring real estate listings and saving home design inspiration to your Pinterest board, you probably have a good idea of what you want from a home and what you definitely don't want. But in a tight real estate market, finding the perfect abode for your family isn’t easy, and the idea of building a home is appealing. Jackson Brothers Roofing and Construction builds new construction homes in Hattiesburg, MS, and has tips on how to design your dream home.

What To Consider When You Design a Home 

When designing a custom house, the operative word is “custom.” This means you can incorporate the details that matter most and create a place that suits your family and lifestyle instead of settling for an existing home that needs extensive renovations or isn’t quite right. 

That doesn’t mean you can incorporate every idea willy-nilly, though. To ensure the construction process goes smoothly and construction costs don’t skyrocket, you need to do a few important things during the initial design process.

1. Establish Priorities 

Before beginning the design process, visualize what you want from your home and determine the elements that are non-negotiable. Perhaps you want a large kitchen with plenty of space for entertaining, a dedicated space for working from home, or a formal dining room. Setting these priorities can help you create a more realistic budget and ensure you love the finished project. 

2. Set a Workable Budget 

Knowing how much you can spend helps you know how to design your dream home without breaking the budget. Respect your financial boundaries to avoid overextending yourself, which is where the priority list comes in. Establish a reasonable budget that has some wiggle room, but doesn’t stretch it too far to accommodate your entire wish list. 

3. Create a Thoughtful and Intentional Layout 

A custom home gives you the freedom to position your home and design a layout that aligns with your preferences and makes the most of your Hattiesburg lot. 

For example, if you choose a lot with a great view, design a layout that highlights it from as many rooms as possible. Or, if the site has plenty of trees, you may want to incorporate larger windows and skylights or position certain rooms so they get the most natural light.  Think about how you use different areas of your home and what makes the most sense for you layout-wise. 

Let Jackson Brothers Roofing & Construction Design a Hattiesburg Home for You

Don’t settle for a home in Hattiesburg, MS, that’s just “good enough” for your family. Get together with Jackson Brothers Roofing & Construction and learn about building a custom home and how to design your dream home; create a space that your family will love for generations.

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Tony Hession with Jackson Brothers Roofing & Construction was Awesome at his communication and promptness with the quote and installation of the entire "NEW ROOF" process for my multifamily property in Hattiesburg on Weathersby Road! The CREW men were so quick and very detailed with pictures through the process which only took 2 days total! Thanks so much you guys and I definatly will be back if I ever need another Roof Serviced on.
Chrystal Dumas
5 Stars
Brandon gave me an estimate on my roof replacement that was very reasonable compared to others in the area. I gave him the job and my roof was complete in less than a week. I highly recommend Jackson Brothers Roofing & Construction as a very responsive and competent contractor service.
Neal Bullard
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I was so stressed out because I’m a single woman who was to deal with home repairs. Other contractors tried to price gouge me, knowing that I knew very little about repairs…but then I met Drew with JB Construction. He took the time to explain things to me and helped to ease my frustration with insurance company. I recommend JB Construction without reservation and I will always call him first when I have home repair needs.
Gay Polk-Payton
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